Server Detail
UCS C220 M4
Other Certifications
This server is included in the Certification of the following Server
Supported I/O Controllers
  • all released I/O controllers
Available Processors for this Model
Clockspeed Cores Threads L1-Cache L2-Cache L3-Cache QPI Architecture
3.50 GHz E5-2637v34864 KB256 KB15 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
3.40 GHz E5-2643v361264 KB256 KB20 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
3.20 GHz E5-2667v381664 KB256 KB20 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
3.10 GHz E5-2687Wv3102064 KB256 KB25 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
3.00 GHz E5-2623v34864 KB256 KB10 MB8.0 GT/s64-bit
2.80 GHz E5-2685v3122464 KB256 KB15 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
2.60 GHz E5-2697v3142864 KB256 KB30 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
2.60 GHz E5-2690v3122464 KB256 KB30 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
2.60 GHz E5-2660v3102064 KB256 KB25 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
2.60 GHz E5-2640v381664 KB256 KB20 MB8.0 GT/s64-bit
2.50 GHz E5-2680v3122464 KB256 KB30 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
2.50 GHz E5-2658v3122464 KB256 KB15 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
2.40 GHz E5-2630v381664 KB256 KB20 MB8.0 GT/s64-bit
2.40 GHz E5-2620v361264 KB256 KB15 MB8.0 GT/s64-bit
2.30 GHz E5-2699v3183632 KB256 KB45 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
2.30 GHz E5-2698v3163264 KB256 KB40 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
2.30 GHz E5-2695v3142864 KB256 KB35 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
2.30 GHz E5-2670v3122464 KB256 KB30 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
2.30 GHz E5-2650v3102064 KB256 KB25 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
2.00 GHz E5-2683v3142864 KB256 KB35 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
1.90 GHz E5-2609v36664 KB256 KB15 MB6.4 GT/s64-bit
1.80 GHz E5-2650Lv3102064 KB256 KB30 MB9.6 GT/s64-bit
1.80 GHz E5-2630Lv381664 KB256 KB20 MB8.0 GT/s64-bit
1.60 GHz E5-2603v36664 KB256 KB15 MB6.4 GT/s64-bit
Non-Critical Components
  • Cisco Systems Inc. strongly recommends the sole use of Cisco branded components fr SAP solutions
Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter x64
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition x64
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